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LIVE: DIGNight Street Race – NRG

DigNight @ NRG is a gigantic “street race” held in a parking lot of the NFL Stadium (also hosting the Super Bowl 2017). Featuring big stars of No Prep including Kye Kelley and Mike Murilllo.Read More


Bounty Hunters No_Prep Grudge Nationals LIVE From San Antonio

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Video: France’s Motorsport Magazine Laps Magny-Cours in a C7 Z07

With a time of 1 minute, 18.48 seconds, the C7 Z06 beat out cars like the previous-gen C6 Z06 and ZR1, the Porsche Cayman GT4, and even the 911 GT3 RS.Read More

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Smokin Deals On Chevy SS Sedans Already Out There

The Chevrolet SS is the clear LS-powered sports sedan of choice for those who like a true infusion American-made horsepower in their practical four-door. More than 50 grand new, they're now getting close to $30k.Read More


Video: Choosing The Right Holley EFI System For Street Or Strip

Whether you're looking to convert to EFI for the street, or for the track, there's a Holley EFI system that can support both street and race engines. The deciding factor, is how much tuning you want to do.Read More

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Video: Chevy SS Is Australia’s Gift To Us, And Is Already In The 10s

If Australian muscle has always been a guilty-pleasure of yours, then the Chevy SS is for you. With a Holden-esque vibe and all-American power, the SS is one factory sleeper you don't want to sleep on.Read More


BMR Driveshaft Tunnel Brace For 2016 Camaro

BMR has a full line of suspension components for LS-powered GM cars. The company is now focusing on the new 2016 Camaro with starting with its new driveshaft tunnel brace for the 6th-gen platform.Read More


Tech: Inside ERL Superdeck Sleeve System For Factory LS, LT Blocks

ERL's Superdeck Sleeve System beefs-up factory LS and LT blocks to support more than 2,000 horsepower. We get the inside scoop on how the patented system works, the installation process, and its advantages.Read More

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Video: Redline Motorsports’ 2016 Camaro SS Nears 1,000 Horsepower

It wasn't long ago we brought you news of the Redline Motorsports sixth-gen Camaro. The car as received more than a few updates, and is now cranking out nearly 1,000 horsepower.Read More


DEI Announces Inaugural Cruise-In Custom Car Show Event

Design Engineering Incorporated (DEI) announced a special custom car show event with their name attached to it. You won't want to miss this inaugural event.Read More


Inside Secrets: SAM Tech’s 825 hp Stock Eliminator LS7

SAM Tech eliminates the competition by wringing 825 hp and 8,300 rpm from a hydraulic roller LS7 with a factory Chevy block and heads. Inside are the details.Read More


SEMA Law And Order Update: March-ing To A Happy Beat

A lot has happened since our last SEMA Law & Order update; some good and some bad. This month, we bring you all the important updates from the SEMA Action Network right to your desktop! Read More

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Video: New Belt Tensioner Enhances A&A Corvette’s Superchargers

A&A Corvette specializes in supercharging Corvettes, with unique supercharger systems based on years of research. A&A's latest belt tensioner is the company's latest component to enhance reliability of its sRead More

Muck Daddy Wipes

Muck Daddy Releases Scrubbing Wipes To Remove Oil, Grime And Grease

Muck Daddy has released scrubbing wipes that feature a dual-textured wipe that feature a scrubby side and a smooth side. Perfect for removing oil, grease and grime from hands, but also great for cleaning surfaces.Read More

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The 50th Anniversary Camaro Will Be Available This Summer

2017 will mark the 50th anniversary of the Camaro. Chevrolet is celebrating with a special edition of the sixth-gen, and we have all the details on these anniversary cars right here.Read More

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Tech: How To Measure For A Roll Bar Or Rollcage

With the help of Chassis Engineering, we walk through the very foundational process of measuring a vehicle for proper fit of a new rollbar/cage.Read More


Event Alert: Goodguys 16th Annual Del Mar Nationals

Got nothing to do the first weekend of April? If not be sure to go and check out the 16th Meguiar's Del Mar Nationals, which is set to show over 2,500 different cars, trucks, and customs for to soothe your eyes.Read More

ET Street

Making Contact With Mickey Thompson Tires

Mickey Thompson has been supplying the automotive world with tires for all applications since 1963. Read more to learn a little more about how they came to be, their Drag Radials, and who they are.Read More


Tech: The Engineering Behind A Lightweight Flywheel

Ever wondered what goes into manufacturing a lightweight flywheel? Stick with us during this exclusive question-and-answer session with some of the industry's leading clutch and lightweight flywheel manufacturers.Read More